SR billede 09-2015 Position:
Post doc
PhD, MSc (human physiology)
+45 3863 5366

Research focus:
– Skeletal muscle protein turnover
– Exercise and nutrition
– Stable isotope tracer methodologies

PhD thesis (2011):
Milk proteins labelled with L-[1-13C]leucine and muscle protein turnover: effect of heavy resistance exercise and protein ingestion
Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Master thesis (2006):
The effects of resistance training intensity on myofibrillar muscle protein synthesis, muscle morphology, and neuromuscular adaptations
Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark


Specific projects:
Counteracting Age-Related Loss of Skeletal Muscle Mass (CALM),

Funded by:
– UCPH Excellence Programme for Interdisciplinary Research, University of Copenhagen

Danish Dairy Research Foundation. DKK 1.302.066 (period 2015-2017) Project title: Strategies to counteract age-related loss of skeletal muscle mass: effects of increased protein intake and exercise
Purpose/aim: The aim of this project is to develop effective and applicable nutrition and exercise guidelines for the elderly part of the population. Thereby, age-related loss of skeletal muscle mass can be reduced and maintenance of physical function prolonged.
The primary outcomes are measures of skeletal muscle mass, muscle function, and muscle protein synthesis rate from Baseline to 12 months of intervention.
The participants are randomized to 1 of 5 1-y intervention groups: HRTW (center-based and supervised heavy resistance exercise + whey protein intake), LITW (home-based light intensity resistance exercise + whey protein intake), WHEY (whey protein intake only), COLL (collagen-based protein intake only), or CARB (carbohydrate intake only control group).
Approximate time for results: 2017 – 2018
Dessimination and publication plan: 1 peer-reviewed publication includes measurements of muscle protein regulation, 1 peer-reviewed publication includes molecular changes to the 1-y intervention and acute responses to protein intake.  2 articles for Mælkeritidende: 1st describes background for the project (Reitelseder S, Bechshøft RL, Holm L. Alder, mælkeprotein og muskelfunktion. Mælkeritidende 128(17): 8-9, 2015), and 2nd describes the results.