Matrix Biology – physiology and function of extracellular matrix

Aim and content

Learning objectives

This course is aimed at PhD students working in all fields of research where the extracellular matrix plays a role

A student who has met the objectives of the course will be able to:

a. Gain insight into the basics of matrix biology and relate this to his/her own field of research
b. Understand analytical methods used in matrix biology and critically appraise published articles in this field of research
c. Understand what methods are suitable for testing different study hypotheses.

The role of the extracellular matrix in physiological, pathophysiological and pathological situations will be the main focus, and specifically the cell-matrix interaction, the formation of collagen and other matrix tissue, and the coupling between matrix structure and function in health and disease will be taught. The newest matrix research will be reported from areas like the musculo-skeletal system (bone, cartilage, tendon, muscle), skin, vasculature, and cancer.

All participants will have the opportunity to present and discuss their PhD projects, and we will discuss and evaluate relevant articles from the field of matrix biology research.

PhD students, no special qualifications required


Lectures, group work, short presentations by participants

Course director
Katja Heinemeier, Associate professor, BMI, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, and Institute of Sports Medicine Copenhagen, Bispebjerg Hospital,

Katja Heinemeier, Ass. Prof. (University of Copenhagen), Abigail Mackey, Ass. Prof. (University of Copenhagen), Clara Pratts Ass. Prof.(University of Copenhagen), Rene Svensson, post. doc. (University of Copenhagen), Monika Bayer post. doc. (University of Copenhagen), Peter Schjerling, Senior researcher (University of Copenhagen), Marie Kveiborg Ass. Prof. (University of Copenhagen), Niels Behrendt, group leader (Finsen Laboratory) and 2-3 internationally recognised experts in the field, including Karl Kadler, Professor, University of Manchester.

Course secretary
Else Pedersen,

11. – 13. November 2015

Course location
Bispebjerg Hospital

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Admission to PhD students from Danish universities will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis and according to the rules in force.

Applications from other participants will be considered after the last day of enrollment.