IMG_8541 Position:
Cand.scient. (Biology-Biotechnology)
+45 3863 5069

Research focus:

“The role of ageing in the interplay between satellite cells and interstitial cells in skeletal muscle at rest and in response to exercise”.

The main aims of the project are to determine the influence of ageing on the fibroblast-myoblast interaction in vitro, and to investigate whether one bout of hard resistance exercise in vivo can change inter-cell signaling in vitro.

Myoblasts and fibroblasts will be extracted from muscle biopsies obtained from a young or elderly group of women. These cells will be used in an in vitro co-culture setup where e.g. old fibroblasts will be cultured with young myoblasts and the myoblasts ability to differentiate will be investigated.


Ass. Proff. Abigail Mackey-Sennels and Proff. Michael Kjær