Medical Doctor, MSc in medicine
+45 28152100

Research focus:

“Characterization and treatment of early phase tendinopathy in humans”

My research focuses on tendon overuse injuries in sports-active individuals. We study recently developed injuries, to characterise the early phase of tendinopathy. We use ultrasound to assess tendon structure and vascularization, MRI to assess tendon morphology and dimensions and clinical scores to assess symptoms and function. Further we aim to study different treatment modalities for early tendinopathy, to get a better understanding of the already broadly applied treatments in early tendinopathy, primarily heavy slow resistance training and anti-inflammatory treatment. Also, we collaborate with radiologists to develop smarter and more precise tools for imaging analyses in tendons, which enables us to give an in-depth characterisation of these early phase tendinopathies, and gives us an opportunity to investigate tendons in more detail without the need of invasive procedures.

Specific projects:
Mechanisms behind development of Tendinopathy: Early Structural, Inflammatory, Nociceptive and Clinical changes in recreational runners

Prof. Michael Kjær and Prof. Peter Magnusson