skaermbillede-2014-10-09-kl-07-16-41 Position:
Clinical assistant
+45 2332 8422

Research focus:
“Mechanisms behind development of Tendinopathy: Early Structural, Inflammatory, Nociceptive and Clinical changes in recreational runners”

We investigate sports-active individuals with recently developed tendinopathy with regards to symptoms (pain, function), tendon morphology (ultrasonography, MRI and electron microscopy), tendon mechanical properties (ultrasonography strain), tissue molecular biology (expression and content of matrix proteins), inflammation (activity of inflammatory pathways) and vascularization (Doppler and contrast enhancement US). We hypothesize a coupling between early symptoms and inflammatory activity, followed by structural changes and altered mechanical properties. The investigation will indicate what symptoms and what tendon related determined measurements are primary for disease development (“tendinopathy blue prints”) and should be regarding vital in prevention of tendinopathy.

Prof. Michael Kjær and Prof. Peter Magnusson