Our main focus is to understand how mechanical signals between cells and matrix are sensed and regulated in connective tissue, since we believe that connective tissue homeostasis is potentially crucial for correct function of many tissue types. We use tendon tissue as our main model for this research, and we investigate tendon tissue both in vivo in humans and animals, as well as in vitro using 3-dimensional tendon constructs formed in culture. In vivo we study the molecular response of tendon tissue to changes in loading (e.g. training and immobilisation) and the matrix turnover in health and disease. In vitro we study cell-matrix interaction, by manipulating tissue stiffness, growth factor content and expression of matrix proteins.

Group members

Michael Kjær, Katja Heinemeier, Chloé Yeung, Costanza Montagna, Christian Eriksen, Rikke Høffner, Antonis Giannopoulos, Peter Tran, Nikolaj Clausen, Adam Jørgensen, Cheng Zhang and Rikke Steffensen.