Our overriding aim is to understand the structure and function of connective tissue in tendon and muscle, and to what extent it responds to a changing loading environment.

We explore the structure and force transmission of connective tissue to better understand if there is a ‘weak link’ with respect to injury. To investigate connective tissue adaptability we also investigate the effects of various forms of loading (exercise/training) as well as unloading (inactivity/immobilization) on the connective tissue in both young and old. We also examine the effect of different treatment strategies to improve clinical outcome after injury.

Group members
Peter Magnusson, Christian Couppé, René Svensson,  Anne-Sofie Andersen, Annesofie Thorup Olesen, Christian Eriksen, Antonis Giannopoulos, and Rikke Beyer.


Current Funding
Danish Council for Independent Research – Medical Sciences.

Danish Sports Medicine Research Council.

Copenhagen Capital Region Research Council.