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Grith Højfeldt is defending her PhD thesis

23. October 2019

Grith Højfeldt is defending her PhD thesis titled “Fate of nutrient-derived amino acids: influence of habituated levels of daily dietary intake on protein utilization” on Thursday October 24th 2019.

New ISMC website

22. October 2019

Our site ismc.dk has been relaunched with a new layout and some new features. You will still find some menus incomplete, but contents will be expanded and updated over the coming weeks.

One of the new features is this news feed, where you regularly will find updates about upcoming PhD defenses, lectures, courses, new publications and other topics of interest. So, don’t forget to stop by from time to time.


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About ISMC

The ISMC is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and was established at the Department of Rheumatology at Bispebjerg Hospital in conjunction with the establishment of a professorship in Sports Medicine at the University of Copenhagen in 1997.