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Peter Tran PhD Defense

15. January 2020

Peter Tran (MD) is defending his PhD thesis on Friday January 17th 2020 at 13.00. The thesis is titled “The mechanisms behind the development of tendinopathy: Early structural, inflammatory, nociceptive and clinical changes”.

The aim of the work was to demonstrate the spatiotemporal distribution of pathological changes in early tendinopathy with focus on structure and tissue signaling. Active athletes with soreness in their Achilles or patella tendon within the last three months were included and examined by clinical assessment, questionnaires, ultrasound, blood samples, biomechanical tests, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and patella biopsies. They were divided into three groups based on the duration of their symptoms: 0-1 months, 1-2 months and 2-3 months, but all received same tests. Biopsies were analyzed by PCR for key regulators of inflammation, tissue remodeling and nociceptive substances.

It will be interesting to hear about the findings.

The winner of the Annual Symposium PhD Cup 2019 has been found

29. November 2019

On Thursday November 28th 2019 the yearly PhD Cup during the Annual Symposium of the “Basic and Clinical Research in Musculo-skeletal Sciences” took place.

Karina Louise Skov Husted was announced as the winner with her project titled “A new approach to workplace health promotion: Body age assessment in 9851 Danish employees – a cohort study”. Karina was chosen as the winner because she very convincingly explained how body age determination can help promote health-span increasing activities. In a large follow-up study activities which increases health-span was effectively increased, when the participants were informed about their body age.

Karina was chosen to participate in the PhD Cup based on her abstract:

Objectives: A discrepancy between the consensus that workplaces are an optimal setting for health promotion and the lack of clinical relevant effect exists. This study explores the effectiveness of body age assessment in workplace health promotion.

Methods: Body age tests were performed in 9851 Danish employees. Metabolic risk factors were assessed, body age score was determined and an individualized motivational interview was conducted at baseline and follow-up. The body age score is a composite score comprising 11 weighted variables.

Results: At baseline 70% (n=9852) participated, and 38% (n=3759) participated at follow-up. At 1.3 years follow-up the body age improved by a decline in mean body age score of -0.6 and -0.7 years for men and women, respectively (p<0.001) representative of an overall improvement in general health. 60% of the smokers had reduced their tobacco use and 41% had quitted smoking (p<0.001). Weight and waist circumference was reduced and cholesterol profile improved for both men and women.

Conclusions: Body age assessment was related to high participation rate, high impact on attenuation of tobacco use and small to moderate changes in metabolic risk factors.

Final program for the Annual Symposium 2019 in Snekkersten is available

27. November 2019

The final updated program for the Annual Symposium 2019 in Snekkersten is now available in the “Symposium” menu. This year we have 2 key-note lectures, 14 lectures, 25 oral presentations from PhD students, 7 posters for presentation and a total of 94 participants. We are looking forward to welcoming you all.

Grith Højfeldt PhD Defense

23. October 2019

Grith Højfeldt is defending her PhD thesis titled “Fate of nutrient-derived amino acids: influence of habituated levels of daily dietary intake on protein utilization” on Thursday October 24th 2019.

New ISMC website

22. October 2019

Our site ismc.dk has been relaunched with a new layout and some new features. You will still find some menus incomplete, but contents will be continuously expanded and updated as we get used to the new site.

One of the new features is this news feed, where you will find updates about upcoming PhD defenses, lectures, courses, new publications and other topics of interest. So, don’t forget to stop by from time to time.


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